About Us

Main Idea

The main idea of this website is to create a moral and professional hike to the youth of this Country.   Youth population remarks the major part of our country and plays a vital role in development of any country. YuvaPress.com is a website founded by IK Sharma & Company in November 2017.  The main aim of this website is to develop a sense of awareness among youth of today’s generation regarding all sets of information including latest Happenings in society, Educational and Inspiring news and Business startups. It tries to give youth a platform from where they can board a journey of self development and raise their voice against odds happening around us. It also tries to gather info regarding Business and career opportunity available.

About Owner

Owner of IK Sharma & company, Mr. IK Sharma himself is a renowned name in providing fund for business set ups to young Indians with potential to develop an idea into a big enterprise. His vision behind starting this website is to guide today’s youth and help them to follow their dream without compromising with their morality and social values. He not only wants to guide this generation but also want to give them support to attain final destination.  For same the website has been plugged with youth forum where people can come and discuss questions and any kind of problem which they are facing.

About Team

Team of yuvapress.com consists of youngsters from vivid parts of India with different thinking skills and idea which together discuss news, topics and content to be fetched in the website coming to a mediate conclusion of any topic so any information which is put down is not a view of single person but a zest of fact resulted from a discussion taking both pros and cons in the mind.