Career options

Yuvapress press is a blooming media platform with wide opportunities for Yuva’s (youth).When you plan to start a career many questions arises in your mind. As Yuvapress is all about youngsters who believe in charity and transparency we take the initiative to untangle the web of confusions regarding of each individual and making their approach and mind clear towards any career option of their choice.

Motto of YuvaPress

Like a democratic country. Yuvapress is “by the Yuva of the Yuva and for the Yuva”.

Yuvapress is springing media channel which is now web-based with a planning of out bursting it to all platforms including print and visual media groom the youth, discussing their problems providing content related to youth, guiding them for business career counseling, exam assistance/preparation. To lead the way many inspirational and motivational stories of famous as well as unsung heroes are shared helping to light the way of the success of Yuva’s who are the future of India.

Why join Yuva space

There are many young Indians who have lots of creative ideas in their mind and want them to shout out but due to the lack of opportunities and guidance, they miss the chance to paint the world in their colors. Yuvapress is a solution to all the problems to all those youth giving them the platform where they can speak their mind out. The youth is the blood of our nation and their ideas keep our country working and we respect the contributions of our Yuvas for the development of better India.

Apply on the link provided, be a part of us joining our space and become a voice of our Young India.

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