Dataiku: Enterprise AI platform Dataiku announces fully-managed online service

Harsh Soni


To assist smaller businesses in getting started, Dataiku has developed a fully-managed online version of its enterprise AI platform.

The data science platform supports the training of machine learning models and enables the transformation of raw data into useful insights through data visualization or the building of dashboards.

At Dataiku, accessibility has always been of the greatest significance. According to Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, “We created Online to address the needs of small and midsize businesses in addition to startups.”

In the past, Unilever, GE, Cisco, BNP Paribas, and over 400 other significant corporations that had the financial capacity to adopt and operate its platform were among the firms that the company targeted.

Smaller businesses can now use the platform without requiring their own infrastructure or dedicated administrators thanks to the new online version.

Douetteau continued

“We aim to assist businesses that are just starting out in data and analytics to reach the full potential of our platform, where they can begin by improving their daily operations with basic data tools and then enhance their data with machine learning.

Dataiku Online will make it simpler for a whole new class of businesses — from lean startups to expanding SMBs — to start because firms don’t need huge data to do big things with their data.

The web platform from Dataiku may be linked with cloud data stack and storage products from companies like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and others. In reality, the Snowflake Marketplace has a pre-integrated version of the platform.

Early Dataiku Online customer Sarissa Partners’ managing partner Scott Walker made the following observation:

“Dataiku Online enables us to concentrate on analysis rather than server management. Additionally, customer service is swift.

Data insights help us grow, and Dataiku Online helps us do so more quickly than our rivals.

Dataiku has released a product geared for startups in order to assist smaller businesses in gaining access to the resources of their more powerful rivals.

Startups started less than five years ago or with less than $10 million in the capital, as well as seed-stage businesses that are less than two years old or have less than $5 million in funding, are eligible for special rates.