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In recent days, many cases of Aadhaar data breaching and its misuse was reported. Even a racket was busted last month which used to access Aadhaar Card Database illegally and sell them to people for just Rs. 500.

It is very crucial to take utmost care while using your Aadhaar Card Database and disclosing your Aadhaar detail with companies or any organization. As such incidents can get your detail viral to any third way.

To break through this issue there is a system to track your Aadhaar Authentication history. By tracking your authentication history you could get to know about misuse of your Aadhaar Card Database. The best thing about this tracking is it can be done online sitting at home no need to go any Aadhaar center.

Here are the steps you could follow to track your Aadhaar card authentication history-

Step1. You need to visit the following link.

Step 2. Once the page gets opened, you will be asked to fill your Aadhaar card number and the security code.

Step 3. After completing this step you will be asked to generate OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 4. After completing the above steps you will be sent to next page where you will have to choose the kind of authentication records you want to see (demographic, biometric, OTP). You can select ‘All.’

Step 5. After completing all the steps you will be asked to select the period for which you wish to view history and enter how many records you want to view.

Step 6. now enter the OTP which you will receive and submit.

Your whole Aadhaar Card Authentication history will be displayed on the screen. Maximum 50 such transactions can be shown.

What if you find your Aadhaar is getting misused?

If you find any misuse you can call at 1945 and inform UIDAI. You can also lodge a complaint against the misusing agency.

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