Oil tanker with 22 Indian sailors set free by Pirates

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MT Marine Express

NEW DELHI: Ship carrying 22 Indian crew and 13,500 tonnes of gasoline was set free by pirates. MT Marine Express which went missing in the waters in West Africa last week has been freed by pirates, according to the shipping company, a Hong Kong-based firm which appointed the Indian sailors on the ship confirmed that pirates hijacked their crew on February 1, and is now free from them.

The “Marine Express” oil tanker was containing 13,500 tones of gasoline.
There was tweet issued by the Anglo-Eastern Company which stated the following-

“We are delighted to report that the MT Marine Express
Which was hijacked by pirates on Feb 1, is now back under the command of the captain & crew since ~04:00 SG time today? All crew members are reported to be safe & well & the cargo intact. We thank you all for your good wishes,”

The “Marine Express” tanker went missing in the Gulf of Guinea and went untraceable as it was lost in the African country Benin on Friday.
Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on Sunday said “all efforts were being made to find the merchant ship “Marine Express” that went missing near West Africa with the 22 Indians on board”. “The Indian mission in Nigeria was in coordination with the authorities concerned and the situation was being constantly recorded”, the Foreign Ministry had added.

According to the experts, The Gulf of Guinea has become an increasing target for pirates who capture cargo and demand ransoms in return for it.
According to a January report by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) last year this area was in target as large number of ships was captured. Which made the waters off West Africa as an area of growing concern?



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