TERIFLIX: Theatre for Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

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Bengaluru-based start-up company TERIFLIX has started a unique mini theatre which is one of its kind. It is first mini-theatre for projecting content from video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

According to founders ‘TERIFLIX’ name is given by combining two words ‘Teri’ is for terrific and ‘Flix’ which is another word for flicks (meaning motion picture). The theatre allows customers to log-in to their own Netflix and other live streaming accounts and watch content using Theatre’s 100 Mbps internet connection on the big screen with Dolby digital sound.

It is Located in the Girinagar near of Bangalore. And can be rented for Rs. 1,299 Per hour accommodating up to 18 people.



The display is powered by DLP projectors to get a good picture. The display size is 135-inch to get a crisp and clear video quality.

Sound system:

It is embedded with amplifiers, speaker systems, acoustic materials which give a wide bass and clear sound.


The theatre is fitted with a seating capacity of 13 people. Seat material and colour themes are chosen very precisely by founders ensuring a professional yet personal feel.


TERIFLIX will be a platform to screen short films from independent filmmakers

The theatre will also give a platform to independent indie filmmakers to screen their movies. On condition that their work should be copyrighted.

This will help small and independent filmmakers to get a theatre-like setting to screen their mini, short and feature films.

TERIFLIX is very strict with piracy and neither TERIFLIX allows pirated content into the theatre nor it let customers’ content to get pirated, the company said.



The start-up is looking to open more mini theatres across Bangalore

The start-up has been co-founded by brothers Prashanth Udupa and Praveen Udupa in 2017.

TERIFLIX has had about 45 screenings so far, with an average of about three screenings per week.

The team has started working on both, adding more theatres to Bangalore and neighbourhood and access to more streaming media providers like Hotstar, Voot Etc.

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